About: Fursuit TV is an internet based show.
The stream will be live and stream videos containing fursuits/mascots/animal costumes
with your occasional side material that could be inspiring and close to fursuiting performance too : CGI, plushies, vrchat ...
The main goal is to entertain fursuit fans and exchange on the subject by watching
old and new fursuit material to bring back fursuiting memories,
and also get them to discover rare fursuit material that they didn't even know existed :)
Telegram discussion group: The #fursuittv group on Telegram will be open for viewers to talk about what they see,
and any topics / themes the video can bring to them :) Don't miss the fun during the show
and keep the fun running in between by sharing your discoveries or any other fursuiting related topics.
Watching the broadcast in replay is fun but it's even more fun watching it 'live' while beeing in the group and sharing the fun with other fans.
Next Show: TBA
As a general rule: whenever it's ready and there is enough material to make a new show :P
Join the FursuitTV Telegram announcement channel to get notified
Duration: The show is about 1 hour long
Duration and period can be adjusted as needed (anniversary and special shows are longer and last 2-3 hours for example)
Sources: - conventions
- movies, series
- commercials
- personal videos
- maybe live video for later ;)
Send your findings and contributions by email or post them in the Telegram channel,
It doesn't need to be your own production, just everything you see around that might be on topic for the show :)
The more I get the earlier you can get a new show :D !